“Explore 32 Creative Cactus Garden Design Ideas”

“Groundcover varieties, like Parodia and Rebutia, are a nice option for meandering pathways or stepped rockeries, especially when they surprise with their bright, delicate flowers.”

Smaller fuzzies like Cephalocereus senilis can be arranged by color to develop patterning or simply to add visual appeal

Their general wooliness looks great next to more waxy cacti, like the bright moon cactus featured in the example above. Plenty of cacti make a statement all by themselves, like the Teddy Bear Cholla. Leggier than a typical cactus, it’s a beautiful plant in an organic, rustic setting, given its wild appearance and sharp needles.

Though easier than it looks, this requires time and planning and plenty of stock of cacti in similar sizes. However, once established, you won’t need to break your back taking care of it; you can just let it do its thing as you wander through the pathways.”

Small clusters of cacti are a definite win for potting, and over the years, they will continue to multiply by themselves. Tiny details, like matching your pea gravel to the flowers of your cacti, enhance the aesthetic with minimum effort from your end. If you have lots of time, space, and budget to spare, you can create a cacti maze with absolutely breathtaking patterns.

“The thing about growing cacti along with succulents is that they are equally low-maintenance. However, the varied leaves of succulents provide a nice contrast to thick trunks and stems by introducing different textures and shapes. A case in point is this example above, where the flair of the Snake Plant succulents complements the thick-bodied barrel cacti.”